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I have been working out with James Dobos for 1 ½ years.  It is the best investment of time and energy I have ever made. 

Each workout is truly personal training.  I am consistently impressed with James’ knowledge of anatomy and how he uses the

 “electro-fit” system to safely strengthen, stretch and sculpt my body without injury or pain.  My posture, flexibility, balance and

core strength have improved beyond my expectations.  


The workouts are enjoyable.  James is knowledgeable and a master motivator.  Results are quick and measurable. 

It is not a routine that becomes boring.  After 1 ½ years, I still look forward to every single workout. 

I am grateful to have been introduced to James and this new innovative way to stay fit.


Carolyne New

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Immediate Results in a fraction

of time.


My workout employs  E-Fit - 1280 EMS Machine, a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) cleared device for muscle conditioning.

 -You will experience results from your very first session. I will customize each session and make it enjoyable.

 -The workout only takes 25 minutes and is equal to a 2 hour conventional workout in the gym.

-The workout can be intense depending on each individual fitness level.

-The ultimate time saver with major results, just 2 or 3

sessions a week will make you feel as if you worked out

5 days straight.

My High-Tech Workout Spot Targets To Specific Body Parts!

The stimulating EMS workout  is up to 75 % more intensive than traditional training with weights. EMS equipment tenses the muscles with a low intensity alternating impulse  which is the most efficient way of reshaping your body. Training with EMS equipment 90 % of your body muscles are activated and nearly 36.000 contractions are generated in 15 minutes.


Clients profit immediately from the electrifying advantages because nearly all the large muscle groups are simultaneously activated

even the hard to reach muscles in the core and hips and the hard to train lower back.


No Strain on the joints so you can enjoy fighting the resistance. When the slow and fast twitch muscles are worked together basic moves or repetitions become very challenging, making this truly the most intense workout.

    No matter what fitness level you are my Fitness workout will be perfect for you.


Skeptical at the beginning, now I am a true convert to Electro Fit.

At 73 I thought my days of hard abs and strong body were over.

Now I am as good as when I was 40.  My golf drives are 20 yards longer.


James has an excellent knowledge of the body and I'm always impressed

he knows how to fix your ache of the day.


Do yourself a favor, try Electro Fit.


James N

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